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Innara Health is dedicated to developing a new generation of neonatal care technologies for pre-term, full-term, and critical care infants.  Our team is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for infants and their families. 

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What We Do


Improve Feeding Skills


The hospital discharge of premature infants in neonatal care units is often delayed due to their inability to feed by mouth safely and competently.1

As a leader in feeding technology products and applications, Innara Health has developed the NTrainer System. The NTrainer NNS therapeutic stimulation has been shown to enhance NNS and nutritive feeding ability.2

Increase Parent Engagement


As a NICU parent, you want to participate in your baby's care and crave honest, timely, and comprehensive information regarding your baby's health and potential outcomes.3

The NTrainer therapy helps promote feeding outcomes and enables infants to get home sooner. The NTrainer assessment helps mom's and dad's understand their infant's feeding readiness progress and improves family-centered care communication.

Impact Economic Benefits


NICU cost of care impacts payers and providers, sometimes in different ways.

Everyone agrees that improving NICU efficiency, care, and cost is a major concern for healthcare providers and payers. Innara Health is an important partner that can help NICU administrators achieve these goals while improving the quality and safety of feeding care and outcomes. Our NTrainer System compliments your NICU ROI goals and can help with parent satisfaction scores.

How it Works

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Assessment of NNS Progress Resulting from NTrainer Therapy



Therapeutic Patterned Stimulation of NNS for Premature and Newborn Infants


Innara Health is a proud partner of:


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4The NTrainer System is an FDA Class II biofeedback device indicated for use in newborns and infants born prematurely to reinforce non-nutritive suck (NNS).