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Olathe, KS 66061


Innara Health is dedicated to developing a new generation of neonatal care technologies for pre-term, full-term, and critical care infants.  Our team is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for infants and their families. 


Clinical Evidence

The NTrainer System® is an FDA-cleared evidence-based device backed by clinical, NIH, and case study research

The Importance of Infant Feeding Skills and NNS

"Suck is a relatively mature ororhythmic motor behavior in a full-term infant and is integral to competent oral feeds."

To learn more about the importance of infant feeding skills and NNS, click below.

NTrainer NNS Therapy Outcomes

"The NTrainers frequency-modulated orosomatosensory stimulation (PFOS) reduces time to FOF and LOS in very preterm infants without adverse effects."

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Client Success with NTrainer NNS Therapy

"The NTrainer helps the tiniest patients learn how to balance breathing, sucking and swallowing at the same time."

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