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Innara Health is dedicated to developing a new generation of neonatal care technologies for pre-term, full-term, and critical care infants.  Our team is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for infants and their families. 

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Client Success

NTrainer System® in use at Lancaster Hospital:

"The NTrainer, helps the tiniest patients learn how to balance breathing, sucking and swallowing at the same time."

Willow Creek Women's Hospital Experience: Adoption of the NTrainer System in the NICU:

The effect of the NTrainer System on length of hospital stay at WCWH appears to be a reduction, on average, of 1 week.

Implementation of the NTrainer into Clinical Practice Targeting Neurodevelopment of Pre-oral Skills and Parental Involvement:

Through observation, repeated experience and data recorded by the NTrainer, the NICU team at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC), as a whole, noted that infants who received early oral motor assessments by the neonatal OT and NTrainer therapy demonstrated a more mature NNS pattern, improved suck strength, and a decreased hypersensitivity to oral motor intervention, overall positively affecting the neurodevelopment of the preterm infant.

Customer Perspectives on Use of the NTrainer System®