Michele Miller

In the spirit of celebrating International Neonatal Therapist week, Innara Health is delighted to highlight our very own Neonatal Therapist and SLP, Michele…..aka…Mitchel Miller!

Michele serves as Senior Clinical Specialist for Innara Health and is focused on increasing our clients’ understanding and use of the NTrainer.

Michele possess deep experience as a Neonatal Therapist with specific focus on feeding progression and has been a tremendous resource for Innara Health.  This, combined with her unwavering passion for this fragile population, serves well in providing resources to our clients and prospects.  

In addition, Michele owns and operates, Grow Me, LLC, based in Fort Worth, TX.  She assesses feeding and development of babies in their home environment, along with providing guidance and education to the parents.  

She resides in Fort Worth with her family and very large, very spoiled Golden-doodle, Nelson Sebastian McGregor.    


Q.  Who has the best tacos in Fort Worth?

A.  Super hard question because I could have tacos every single day.  THE best Mexican food is at Enchilada’s Ole.  The chef was featured on, "Diners Drive-Ins, and Dives”.  The curry chicken enchilada will change your life and the queso is in the top 10 in Texas – YES we have an actual list.  Scaled down to JUST tacos and I have to pick Melis Taqueria.  It’s a tiny, walk-up window, cash only, and picnic tables outside.  It’s THAT good - you take it to go or brave the weather.  

Q.  If you were a dog, what do you think your name would be?

A.  I’m not sure what MY name would be as a dog, but I want to name my next dog after my hometown – Quanah after the Indian chief Quanah Parker. 

Q.  Who was your 1st concert?

A.  I’m pretty sure it was Boyz II Men in the 90’s!  I secretly still love any boy band.

Q.  What is the most embarrassing song in your library?

A.  See previous answer.  I have every boy band album ever and know every song and every word.  

Q.  What is your favorite holiday movie?

A.  I love all things Christmas!  If I had to narrow it down, I love “Elf" and “TheHoliday,” but I’ve been known to bribe my kiddos with s’mores and hot chocolate and binge watch the Hallmark channel!

Q.  If you had a super-power, what would it be?

A.  I would totally teleport and be able to teleport others!  Christmas in NYC?  Done.  Date Night in Paris?  Done.  Kiddos need to be picked up?  DONE

Q.  What is the best part of your role as a Clinical Specialist at Innara?

A.  I love that I continue to be a part of the NICU world.  I have met amazing fellow clinicians, nurses, and neonatologists and I’m able to support them in incorporating proven technology for our tiniest patients.  In return, I get to see the workings of other NICU’s and share the best parts with colleagues.  

Q.  How have you seen the NTrainer impact feeding outcomes in the NICU?

A.  In so many ways!  I believe that our knowledge of non-nutritive suck and feeding is continually improving.  The NTrainer impacts feeding outcomes by increasing feeding discussions, allowing for earlier, more efficient intervention, providing objective data to support feeding decisions, and by allowing babies to reach oral feeding earlier and go home sooner.

Q.  Beach or Mountains?

A.  Beach for sure.  Really any body of water.  I’m happiest on the lake or near the ocean!