The NTrainer System has been shown to provide a positive return on investment for hospitals that seek to improve feeding outcomes

NTrainer Savings to Hospital

Cost Reduction and Reimbursement Analysis

Contact Innara Health for a customized analysis of cost reduction and reimbursement in your unique hospital NICU and pCTICU settings.

Outcome Benefits

Innara Health has developed the NTrainer System to provide assessment of the infant's non-nutritive suck (NNS) characteristics and improve treatment of NNS development by providing a configurable therapy mirroring the infant's natural NNS skills.  Outcomes of the NTrainer and NNS development include:

  • Increased parental satisfaction scores - parent can participate in providing NTrainer therapy under supervised conditions and benefit from their infant's early discharge from the NICU
  • Patient safety - the NTrainer improves transition to independent oral feeds (for breast of bottle) and reduces use feeding tubes
  • Earlier transition to independent feeding