Patterned Frequency Modulated Oral Stimulation in Preterm Infants:

The NTrainers frequency-modulated orosomatosensory stimulation (PFOS) “supports feeding development and shortens time to full oral feeds in very preterm infants. It helps them achieve the normal milestone of independent oral feeding and shortens LOS.”

NTrainer System® shown to help neonatal feeding readiness skills:

A multi-center randomized control trial (RCT) showed that premature infants who received treatment with the NTrainer System demonstrated improved transition to independent oral feeding. The improvements led to reduced use of feeding tubes and a reduction in length of stay (LOS) in the NICU.

Patterned Orocutaneous Therapy Improves Sucking and Oral Feeding in Preterm Infants:

"The NTrainer patterned orocutaneous therapy effectively accelerates non-nutritive suck development and oral feeding success in preterm infants who are at risk for oromotor dysfunction."

Frequency-modulated orocutaneous stimulation promotes non-nutritive suck development in preterm infants with respiratory distress syndrome or chronic lung disease

CONCLUSION: FM PULSED orocutaneous pulse train stimuli delivered through a silicone pacifier are effective in facilitating NNS burst development in tube-fed RDS and CLD preterm infants, with an added benefit of reduced LOS for CLD infants.