Feeding development and disorders in the NICU lead to poor clinical outcomes, and extended length of stay

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Improving Outcomes of Pediatric Feeding


The NTrainer:

  • Improves feeding development for premature and newborn infants by reinforcing non-nutritive suck (NNS).

  • Is FDA cleared and evidence-based with supporting NIH funded research, clinical whitepapers, and client testimonials.

  • Clients include children's hospitals, academic medical centers, integrated delivery networks, and rehabilitation centers.

  • Provides economic benefit to hospitals, payers, and parents.

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NTrainer Therapy

Therapeutic Patterened Stimulation of NNS for Premature and Newborn Infants

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Complementing your feeding protocol, the NTrainer System® provides a somatosensory intervention to bridge and organize NNS skills. NTrainer NNS therapy has been shown to increase NNS skills1 and NNS stimulation has been shown to enhance NNS and nutritive feeding ability2.

How NTrainer therapy provides NNS oral stimulation

The NTrainer System’s patterned and frequency modulated oral stimulation (PFOS) therapeutic pulse entrains the infant’s NNS oral motor skills. The pulse therapy is delivered via our pacifier enabled-handset and our mobile medical cart system. Each patient’s NNS therapy regime is delivered with a patient kit that includes our approved Philips NICU and Wee Soothie pacifiers.


NTrainer Assessment

Assessment of NNS Progress Resulting from NTrainer Therapy


Integrating into your feeding readiness assessment protocol, the NTrainer System objectively captures full oral motor NNS progression. NNS development is a key precursor of suck-swallow-breathe development3. Understanding NNS development and organization complements your feeding team’s clinical impact and family integrated care communication.

How NTrainer assessment measures NNS progression and organization

The NTrainer System’s NNS somatosensory oral motor (SOM) assessment objectively measures an infant’s NNS skill development over time. The passive assessment is captured via our pacifier enabled-handset and our mobile medical cart system. Each patient’s NNS assessment session can be completed during nutritive gavage feeding or used before and after breast or bottle feeds. The assessment can be used at no charge for ALL your NICU patients.

1Song, D, Govindaswami, B. Standardized Patterned Somatosensory Oral Stimulation in Very Preterm Infants: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial.  Pediatr Aca Soc, 2017
2Lau C, Smith EO. Interventions to improve the oral feeding performance of preterm infants. Acta Paediatr 2012
3The NTrainer System is an FDA Class II biofeedback device indicated for use in newborns and infants born prematurely to reinforce non-nutritive suck (NNS).